Don't Let Your Hangers Go To Waste

Don't Let Your Hangers Go To Waste

Clothing hangers are very comfortable to break because oftheir plastic structure. You can make a part of the strap seemingly useless orvery useful in your home. We share a few methods of using broken or unusable clotheshangers as Iron plastic hangers.

** Latch clothes hanger; take the parts of the latch, pack orbag in their mouths clip (latch) to the holder apparatus.

** You can use it as a paper towel hanger for outdoor orportable areas.

Pants hangers is suitable for this purpose. Insert the papertowel roll into the section where the pants are hanged.

** Aski askilarini kliplerle veya bir aski tutucusu olarak tüm askiyi kullanabilirsiniz.

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