Iron Plastic Hangerı

Demir Plastik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.; love the dress with the first varieties in 1999 in Konya has started production. Serving the textile and apparel industry, our company continues the production and sale of injection molding machines with modern clothes hangers.

Our team is experienced in the industry, corporate structure and employee needs all the love high quality products, reasonable price to meet with a policy that is targeted. Pants, jacket, shirt, tunic, coat and dress, a coat rack with the production as we continue to increase the types of love, as we are setting our vision.

Our mission is Customer Satisfaction, reasonable price and high quality products that we have identified as this way, to continue the service.

Our vision: to meet the need of all of our customers love our quality and designs to ensure your satisfaction.

Product quality requires reliable and economic...

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